2 Years Investigated No Suicides

No Suicides

No Suicides: Not 1 Dead Witness

No Suicides??? Oh Hillary, Bill, Barry, Chuck, Nancy, the Squad, et al. check this out! Trump Witnesses line up and never seem to have a #MysteriousDeath! This is a #Truth #They would prefer to go unnoticed. #ImagineThat!

No Suicides, Really???

Lots of Investigations and no suicides! How many times has there been a mysterious death of a soon to testify #ClintonWitness? It happens quietly most times. #Protection is one of their highest priorities! As a result, the #MSM limits coverage of many events and topics. #They reinforce the #Illusion covering the #DSNarrative. But no suicides, really!!! Top that if you dare!

But is this #True???

#DoYourOwnResearch, remember when that was popular? #They want you to forget that. There is lots of information that never gets coverage. However it does get mentioned in the #AltMedia. Check our Blog for More New Posts and Site News like this.

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