Welcome to our website


Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website! We bring you everything Trump from #DerangedDonald to #TrumpDerangementSyndrome. Parodies, Memes, Articles, Etc. both positive and negative in nature. #Variety with occasional #Veracity is the goal. However, we always try to be #FairAndBalanced whenever possible.


We will be publishing a variety of Satire and Memes related to #POTUS45 on our Blog regularly. The intended purpose of this site is to provide some laughs in otherwise trying times. Our hope is you will find something here that makes you smile or even #LOL!
This website is a #POTUS45 documentary of a different kind.

Content Creators and Contact

We are always working on the site and content. Beside Original Content we also republish others work. The site is always looking to add staff. Content Creators, Publishers, and Editors are always welcome and wanted. Check our Contact page for more information.

Welcome to our website disclaimer

We publish all sorts of items, some based in #Fact, some purely #Fictional. As always you research and decide how to use our posts. We pledge that our content is no less accurate than anything published in the #MSM.

Special Information

DonnyDistraction.com has our published memes archived. We encourage users to down load the images and retain an archival copy. Use the “save image” function or “screenshot” the image. Be sure to save the image to use as a personal copy. As a result, this personal copy allows you to repost rather than share in case of image removal.

General Information

Please check our Blog for New Posts and Site News.
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