What Is DonnyDistraction


DonnyDistraction: What It Is:

DonnyDistraction.com is the website for All Things Trump. Parodies, Memes, Articles, Etc. both positive and negative in nature. #Variety with occasional #Veracity is our goal. We attempt to be #FairAndBalanced whenever possible.

We are always working on the site and content. Content Creators, Publishers, and Editors always welcome and wanted. We offer Merchandising and Revenue Sharing for Authors/Content Creators/Editors. Coming soon Site Sharing Affiliate program. Check our Contact Page for more information.

The sites purpose is to publish Satire, Memes and Information related to President Trump/#POTUS45, his family, and his associates. Meanwhile providing some humor in otherwise trying times. We hope you to find something here that makes you smile, #LOL, or even feel good! In short, Laughter is the best medicine!

From #TrumpDerangementSyndrome to #DerangedDonald soundbites.

DonnyDistraction.com features mostly #VisualImagery with an infrequent #Factoid to provide the viewer with a quick dose of #Propaganda. Sometimes it is more about #Projecting a certain appearance or justifying a position than the actual #Truth . #TDS is very real and visible on the World Wide Web.

A very wise man once said;
Believe none of what you Hear and Half of what you See!“.
He never specified what half for the current times though.
It is all part of your #Programming.

DonnyDistraction: A Disclaimer

DonnyDistraction.com and it’s contents are for Entertainment Purposes. Anything you find Factual, True, or Educational is purely coincidental. Consume Contents Carefully as you may become enlightened and deprogrammed! So if you want to be scared watch #MSM. But if you want laughs and maybe a little #Truth and #Facts our Blog is the place for you.

General Information

Please check our Blog for New Posts and Site News.
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